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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept deposits on puppies?

I don’t really like to take deposits on puppies because you may find another puppy you want before mine is ready to go. The most important reason is that sometimes the smallest puppy at birth is the biggest puppy at 8 weeks old. I want my clients to be happy with the puppy they get, and charting is more accurate the older they get. Most people want a certain size either for breeding or a really small companion. I want you to be happy with the puppy you get even when its an adult. I do get people who send in deposits without even speaking to me, I just put your info on the waitlist either way deposit or not. I personally like to wait until they are older to pick ones to keep, and my clients usually like to wait as well. Sometimes I do get clients who don’t care how big the puppy gets and send a deposit anyway. I guess it’s a case-by-case basis. People are constantly asking for updated pics from the time they are born, on a puppy they may not even want 5 weeks later. So it gets crazy, but I try to accommodate everyone.

Can we visit your home?

I do let people come visit my home. There have been occasions where someone calls me and doesn’t ask any questions about a puppy and just asks me what my address is and if they can come to pick up the puppy, I give them the address and they pull up to my home (our home is very nice and in an affluent neighborhood) and drive away without coming up the stairs. Every home in my neighborhood has high-tech security cams. I 100% know, they were coming to either steal my puppies or something worse. I have to be careful, these puppies are an easy score for someone who thinks they can make quick cash from robbing me. I know breeders who have been killed for their puppies, run over at meeting places in parking lots, and held at gunpoint. Sometimes, women are let into a breeder’s home, only to have a car full of men pull and be let into the home. What a scary thought. I only allow people to visit while my husband is home. I also want my clients to know, that they are going to be safe when coming to visit the puppies, often with an envelope of cash. So communication is very important before you come over.

What is the best way to contact you?

Text is best! 801-425-5408, you can also email me at Rachelle@myluxpups.com.

Are you able to keep puppies past their pick up?

Unfortunately, we don’t. You need to pick up your puppy within 1 week of turning 8 weeks old. If you cannot keep to that for any reason, the puppy will be put back up for sale. You will forfeit any deposit. Unfortunately, every time we have kept a puppy past pick up – they end up backing out last minute. If you can’t make picking up your puppy a priority, you probably won’t in a few weeks. I have always tried to do the nice thing for people in this situation and it has ended up in failure to pick up the puppy at the very last minute. 

Do you sell puppies with Full AKC breeding rights?

I do sell full AKC and breeding rights to other breeders. I usually ask $1,000 more. I used to not sell to other breeders, but as the years have gone by I decided that if I have good lines, I should share them so other breeders can get good breeding dogs, and spread healthy lines. Just be honest with me if you are planning on breeding the dog. I only give the AKC papers to you if you pay the extra $1,000. I will not give papers out on your word that you won’t breed. I’ve had so many people tell me, we just want them to know they are purebred. Then a year later I see them selling the babies on KSL. It’s a tough spot for me to be in.

Will my puppy be potty trained?

We do our best to get them started off in the right direction by taking them out to yard for potties after they start weaning from mom. Potty training will be an ongoing training effort once you pick up your puppy.

Do you offer shipping transportation?

Yes, we offer ground and air transportation to all of our clients. We aim to meet your needs, just let us know where you live and we can give you a few options.

What does my puppy come with?

We will send your puppy with a bag of food and a blanket to get them started off on the right paw.